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Retirement Plan Solutions

Every plan sponsor has unique goals and objectives. As your retirement plan consultant, we will work with you to customize plan design features and plan investment options that are right for you and your employees, including an ongoing service plan specific to your needs.

Annual Plan Review

We will conduct an in-depth annual review of your plan features and expenses, and make recommendations to help ensure your 401(k) plan meets your needs and is competitive in the marketplace.

Plan Design & Compliance Assistance

We act as a liaison with your service provider to oversee many aspects of plan design. We also keep you informed of any legislative changes that may impact your plan.

Fiduciary Due Diligence

As plan fiduciary, dependable processes and record keeping are necessary to manage plan-related decisions prudently. We provide assistance on the fiduciary due diligence process to avoid liability.

Spanish-language Communication

Our Spanish-language retirement plan consultants are available via telephone, in-person meetings, enrollments, and educational seminars. This allows us to support many small businesses who have demand for their Spanish speaking employees.

Enrollment Services

We meet one-on-one with your employees to guide them through the process of enrollment, making sure they understand how the plan works, the options available to them, and the value to them in enrolling in the plan. Our objective is to maximize the number of participants, to help ensure the success of your plan and increase the value of your companies capital investment to host the plan.

Ongoing Communication & Education

Our ongoing education seminars and online webinars help maximize plan participation by educating employees about the benefits of participating in the retirement plan. We offer a variety of educational workshops on investment strategies, retirement readiness, life planning, college planning and many other subjects which help employees make informed decisions about their overall investment strategies.

Fee Benchmarking & Provider Interface

We determine bid specifications and conduct in-depth provider searches, then review and analyze proposals to provide you a detailed vendor fee and service comparison. Once a provider is selected, we serve as your advocate in ongoing negotiations with plan providers to identify opportunities for improved service, technology, expenses, fiduciary compliance and reporting.

Investment Analysis & Services

We provide a thorough analysis of your plan’s investment portfolio holdings, using a comprehensive benchmarking processes with detailed reporting, containing relevant changes necessary for continued fiduciary oversight. Recommending, if necessary, alternatives to help pursue the needs and risk tolerance of you and your employees.

Additional Value-Added Services

We oversee installation of new plans and coordination of the conversion process for existing plans, including transfer of assets and all plan and participant records. We develop a customized Service Agreement so that you know what to expect from us as we work together, and we will work with your human resources team to facilitate seamless day-to-day operations of your plan.